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We believe in providing our employees with the support and training they need to reach their goals and have successful careers. With our comprehensive benefits package, professional development programs, competitive salaries, and 100% remote model, you can create the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. Make the move today and take your career to the next level.


Long-term contract


30 PTO days

Christmas bonus

Financial Support for Training

No dress code

Career Advancement Opportunities

Remote work

Birthday recognition gifts

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The Success-Bridge Process

Migrating to the cloud can be a daunting task. It requires a lot of planning and technical expertise, which is why many companies choose to outsource the process.

However, there are some things you can’t outsource—like security and compliance.

That's where we come in!


Initial Resume Screen


English Interview


Proficiency English Test


Technical Test


Pre-Hire Background Check



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Our clients are american based companies that have challenging problems to solve. We believe in vetting our clients since we know that great talent wants to work for great companies. We help facilitate great matches for long term success.

When it comes to the size of the organizations we work with – start-ups, mid-size and enterprises are all within our client base.

Primarily we have technical roles, everything from Technical Support to Chief Architects.

We believe in vetting our clients since we know that great talent desires to work with great organizations.

We help facilitate the best matches for long term success

We understand that many of our candidates are well sought after and highly respected. Though we are eager to have you join, we expect nothing less than a smooth and well-communicated transition period, as we would expect the same courtesy, and we fully respect your commitments.

CrossBridge has a rigorous testing process. The following is a diagram of what our process looks like:

  1. Initial Resume Screen
  2. English Interview
  3. Proficiency English Test
  4. Technical Test
  5. Pre-hire Background Check
  6. Hiring Manager Interview
  7. Hired
We not only work with our CrossBridge team members but we believe in good management practice, so we effectively grade on both sides. We believe in a results oriented workplace with management setting clear objectives.
We replace the benefits that a traditional employer would give to you (things such as a company car, a fridge full of snacks, cushy office space, nap pods, massage chairs, etc) and instead give the extra income back to you to make your own decisions based on your own needs. We believe in giving you all your money upfront and letting you choose the benefits that work for you.
No. As an independent worker, you are entirely responsible for the payment of your income taxes, dependent upon the tax regulations and policies of your own tax jurisdiction.
We are flexible, you can choose the schedule that fits your needs. That being said, there will, of course, be times when you’ll need to interact with your team and/or your manager. You’ll need to set your schedule accordingly. The rest is up to you.
Again, you dictate your schedule and what it takes to be most productive. If you need leave/holiday time, let your manager and team members know ahead of time and plan accordingly so that there are no gaps in productivity. Unplanned and unforeseen circumstances are generally anticipated as well. The expectation is set at 40 hours per week and can often exceed this amount. We trust that you can dictate your own schedule and we help support that.
While theoretically it is possible to keep 2 full-time jobs at the same time, it is practically impossible without sacrificing efficiency and work quality and therefore not highly valued at CrossBridge. If you are hired, we expect you to commit full-time with CrossBridge.
Promotions are always a possibility. It entirely depends on 1) the position 2) your work performance and 3) the needs of the organization. Evaluation is ongoing.
Sometimes there may be a case in which our client and a CrossBridge independent worker will wish to terminate their working contract, for whatever reason. Within CrossBridge, we are working on developing training programs that allow anyone within CrossBridge to develop their skill set and move around within our network.
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